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Hello!  And welcome to the very first post of our new Design & Interiors notebook, Indigo Blue.

Join us every week for an insider’s view of the inner workings of our busy Design Studio, what we’re working on from week to week, challenges we come up against and how we overcome them, and regular Q & A sessions.

Alongside this, Stephanie Dunning & Jenny Quinlan will soon be publishing an exciting weekly Design Podcast, which will cover a range of topics for discussion, including interviews with other Designers, Q&A’s submitted to our social media, reviews of new products to the market and recommendations for sourcing, as well as topical chats about a range of subjects from Lighting to Innovative Design.

Let me first introduce you to our #designdreamteam;

The team is led by Stephanie Dunning, who has established an incredible career in Design spanning over 30 years.  She has many professional accomplishments, a few key highlights being the regular face of several prime time TV shows, holding the position of Vice Chair of the BIID and being regularly commissioned to design the interiors for Heads of State, listed country houses and penthouses of prominent public figures.

Peter Everard is Stephanie’s husband, who is our resident Project Manager and also is the Owner/Director of The English Joinery Company.  Being able to offer our clients this in house service and working alongside Peter and his team to design, specify and install the architectural and bespoke detailed joinery allows us to ensure that there is complete cohesion in the overall design and that we not only produce Joinery that is beautiful, but also immeasurably practical and meets all of the clients requirements, often exceeding their expectations as to what is possible.

Our wonderful Office Manager is Pippa Healy, who has worked for Stephanie & Peter for many years and is the first friendly point of contact for most of our clients.  Pippa is not only our ‘front of house’, but also our ‘behind the scenes’ coordinator and keeps the Studio finely tuned and running at full speed.

The Senior Designer on board is Jenny Quinlan, a graduate of the prestigious KLC Design School in Chelsea.  After gaining a wealth of practical ‘on the ground’ experience over the past 10 years Property Developing, she cut her official designers teeth at Gunter & Co in Fulham, before working freelance for other Studios in and around London to fit in with her own projects here in the UK and in Europe.  After working at Emma Hooton Ltd in Winchester running their Show Home developments and installations for a high end development company, she made the move in March 2017 to Dunning & Everard Ltd.

Lizzie Paxton is a Junior Designer and has been with D&E almost a year.  She is a natural creative with eclectic style, and is constantly developing her knowledge of the technical elements of design.  Her eagerness and enthusiasm to learn about all aspects of Interior Design drives her incredible work ethic and opens up all kinds of discussions in the Studio on topics such as must see exhibitions, new materials, exciting products, lighting solutions, ergonomics and anthropometrics.  Lizzie has recently taken on the responsibility of website management and rebranding.

Our other Junior Designer is Penny Gardner, who came to us from Neptune and began working mainly in a CAD role.  It soon became apparent that Penny has an exceptional eye for styling and is also a superb photographer, so she works closely with Stephanie & Jenny when putting together presentations for clients and also is responsible for the social media accounts of Dunning & Everard, sharing her fantastic photos with our community.

Jonathan Walker is our hugely talented in-house CAD Technician and Interior Architect.  Dunning & Everard has grown exponentially so it made sense to bring in a very experienced CAD Tech who could produce accurate and beautiful technical drawings for presenting to our clients for visualisation as well as having his extensive Architectural knowledge on board for creating detailed scaled drawings for Contractors, Electricians and Joinery Production, as well as regularly submitting to Planning Authorities, as we do for so many of our clients now.

Taking care of the important nuts and bolts of the business is Debbie Cruxton, our amazing Accounts Manager.  An integral part of the team, Debbie is not only responsible for all invoicing, book keeping, and financial aspects of the business, but also manages our HR.

We also have three #Studiospaniels who like to spend their days lounging around keeping an eye on everyone and offering a friendly greeting to guests.  Jack is our old boy who tends to lie around on the driveway making the most of the sunshine whilst the girls potter around the Studio, however the girls do have a tendency to take themselves off on a wander around the surrounding farmland if Stephanie isn’t in the Studio…

We hope you enjoy our new notebook and we’d love to hear from you with any feedback or questions so do get on touch on Social!

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