New Year, New Look

Happy New Year everyone!!  The team all enjoyed a lovely restful Christmas break, as we hope you did, and we are back and ready and raring to go!

After many discussions and brainstorms last year about branding, we decided to revamp our look (on paper and on screen) and we are pleased to be launching our new website, we hope you like it!  We’ve been a little too keen in rebranding before our new business cards, stationery and client packs have arrived off the printer so please bear with us whilst we change over from old to new.

Owing to our successful year last year and in anticipation of expanding further, we are also refurbishing our Studio building, which is due for completion in April.  This will enable us to enlarge our meeting space, rejig our samples library to create a more usable layout, and create a nice downtime space for the team when on lunch or taking a break from our desks to think or chat through project details with each other.  We have a very hardworking and productive team and it’s so easy to slip into a regiment whereby you are metaphorically chained to your desk for every minute of the day, but we all know the value of taking a break and then coming back to look at something with fresh eyes.

Some other exciting news we have returned to after the Christmas break is that our lovely Junior Penny is expecting a very special arrival of her own in the Summer and so will be leaving us sooner than expected.  We will be very sad to see her go but wish her all the best for the new adventure that is parenting…!

As our pre-Christmas schedule was so full on and all team members were running different responsibilities with varying lead times we were struggling to pin down a date for our Christmas celebration, so after rescheduling twice, we decided to postpone until the New Year.  It was decided that it probably wasn’t a good idea for Penny to go Go Karting…or Gin tasting…so we opted for good old bowling and a meal instead.  We split into two teams with Stephanie and Peter heading up as team captains, and enjoyed a rather competitive two games….with Peters team of Debbie, Pippa & Jonathan winning by quite a margin!

We are looking forward to installing several projects in the first half of the year, with more to come in the Autumn.  We’re finding that in addition to repeat clients coming back to us, and clients seeing us in publications such as House & Garden, Homes & Gardens and 25 Beautiful Homes, as well as on The List, new clients are finding us on Instagram which is great news to us!  You can find our Instagram feed here