2019 trends

Step into Sir John Soane’s former home in Holborn and the zeitgeist of the late 18th century is palpable, but what about the context of the world we live in today and how is it influencing our homes? Trend forecasters are acutely tuned into the current milieu; including socio-political, economic & technological factors. They anticipate our choices relating to aspects of design such as colour, texture, materials, finishes, shapes, light and scale – distilling the moods of the time into unique aesthetic bundles.

Earlier this year, ‘Colour Hive’, a creative trend forecasting agency, presented their predictions. Some key themes included plastic waste, screen time & mental health, and the aging population; drawing on insights from demographers, ecologists and psychologists.

Especially interesting was a concept that Colour Hive dubbed ‘Idyll’; a trend born out of a sense of uncertainty beyond the home and a growing reliance on home entertainment and delivery services and technologies. For example, the likes of Netflix and Ocado mitigate the need to step outside of our front doors if we so choose! Think the Arts and Crafts movement, nostalgia, craftsmanship and fine detailing. In soft furnishings this might be expressed through buttoning, tassels and trimmings, in cabinet making through an emphasis on finely crafted inlay work or bas relief. The materials palette embraces patinated brass, rattan and wicker whilst colours include walnut, kiln red, dutch blue, slate and damson.

This space, designed by D&E, embodies ‘Idyll’ with damson hues and decorative detailing in soft furnishings and joinery.
Patinated metals and an elegant washstand embody the values of craftsmanship

Here at Dunning & Everard, we do the leg work to keep abreast of new trends and then align these insights with your own aspirations for your home; by looking outwards and embracing new products and ideas (rather than purely repeating tried and tested designs) we give you an interior that is unique to you as well as the time and place we inhabit.